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The Sound of Young America is coming to SEATTLE!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 10th February 2007

The Sound of Young America premiers on Puget Sound Public Radio’s KXOT 91.7 FM Sunday, February 25th at noon!

The show will have a four-week trial run in the timeslot, and further airings will depend on your support. If you or someone you know lives in Seattle, please support the show by listening, telling friends, and above all letting the station know how you feel about the show!

Puget Sound Public Radio are, much to their credit, working hard to create a distinct personality for KXOT, rather than simply airing the same-old-same-old NPR shows you can already hear on KUOW. Taking a flier on The Sound of Young America is part of that effort.

I’m so grateful to KXOT for this opportunity, which hopefully will qualify as a Big Break for The Sound!!

Here’s a press release — if you yourself are a member of the press, or you know press in Sea-Tac, please share!