The Sound of Young America Classics

Posted by Maximum Fun on 6th February 2007

I’m proud to announce a new addition to the Sound of Young America lineup: TSOYA Classics. Fifty-five interviews and programs from our archive — post College Years, pre Podcasting era. After two years of people asking me to put the RealAudio archive into MP3 format, I finally have. You can find the shows for download here on the web, or here in iTunes. If you prefer to use another feed reader, the feed is

You can hear, among others: Patton Oswalt, Eugene Mirman, Greg Proops, Davy Rothbart, Todd Barry, Ted Alexandro, They Might Be Giants, Dick Dale, Neal Pollack, Sarah Silverman & more. If you do use iTunes, remember that iTunes will only automatically download the most recent program, unless you tell it otherwise.

One question for you: iTunes only keeps the most recent 100 or so podcasts in its feed. Shall I add the older podcasts, which have fallen off the list, to the new TSOYA Classics feed?