Seattle Sketchfest Starts Tonight!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 6th September 2007

Seattle Sketchfest was the first sketch comedy festival in the nation, and it remains one of the best. The Sound of Young America (I’m speaking collectively here, on behalf of myself and my recording equipment) is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s festival.

Highlights of this year’s festival will include Kasper Hauser, Ten West, The Cody Rivers Show and The Third Floor. Plus a whole pile more of the best groups from around the country. If you live in Seattle, and you don’t basically set up camp at Sketchfest this weekend and next, you’re blowing a chance at greatness. Not just for your weekends — for your LIFE.

Seriously, if you only went to two shows, this weekend, the Friday and Saturday night, 10PM shows, you could see Kasper Hauser, Ten West, Cody Rivers and the Third Floor. Each of those, alone is a once-a-year comedy opportunity in Sea-town, and each show might change your life forever. Four in two nights? Gettouttahere.

For more info and tickets, click here. Seriously, don’t miss this.