The Season of Giving

Posted by Maximum Fun on 8th December 2006

If you ever watch December promos for local TV news, you already know that the holidays are A Season of Giving. This year, please considering donating to support The Sound of Young America.

Many public radio programs have budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and staffs of eight or ten. They’re distributed by huge networks, which charge every station to carry their programs.

The Sound of Young America is a different story.

This show is one guy, without a network or a budget. Stations and listeners get the show for free. We don not receive government or foundation support. The money you donate goes directly to things that impact the show — headphones, for example.

This month, a good friend of the show, John Hodgman, has offered half a dozen autographed & inscribed copies of his hilarious book “The Areas of My Expertise” as incentive. Donate at $10/month, and you’ll receive a copy of the book as a thank you from John and myself. If you’re currently donating at a lower rate, bump it up, and the same offer applies.

Please donate today, and let the holiday spirit fill your lungs, then be distributed by your blood vessels to every cell in your body, giving you astonishing (and primarily tinsel-related) holiday powers.