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The Roots f. Peedi Peedi – Long Time Comin’

Posted by Maximum Fun on 4th July 2006

I am feeling the shit out of this new Roots track. I’ve definately been checking for Peedi Crack (now Peedi Peedi) since he MURDERATED Beanie Sigel’s “Gotta Have It” (aka 2005’s monster hit that shoulda been). He delivers on this one.

I wasn’t as crazy about Phrenology as some, and while I liked The Tipping Point, it certainly didn’t blow me away. When I heard the new Roots single (“It Don’t Feel Right”), it, uhm, didn’t feel right. But this joint right here, this joint is FIRE.

Black Thought is such an amazing MC — either the most under or overrated in the world. His effortless flow, beautiful voice and stage charisma sometimes make me think he’s great. Then I listen to his hit-and-miss lyrics, and his almost total lack of personality, and get dissapointed. But he certainly marries his style to the music like no one else in hip-hop. He’s got something — heart maybe? There’s something there that’ll never let the Roots become real stars, but will always keep them from being the novelty act that a hip-hop band maybe deserves to be.