The Reviews are In!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 13th October 2006

This is interesting but not as good as you’d think it’d be… I honestly cannot tell if the show opening is trying to be ironically cheesy or if it’s just kind of cheesy in itself. I came across it and was immediately impressed by the line-up – a lot of things which I agree are “awesome” were listed, from the electronica group matmos to comedian louis ck, to producer allison silverman – but somehow I was surprised by how flat and boring some of the actual shows were. The interviewer has no real presence, and sort of has that fake casey casum type voice, and the “maximum fun“, “sound of young america”, etc etc, is so …annoying / dumb … I just have no idea if that’s a joke that just doesn’t work for me, or if they’re not even trying to be funny. Still, there’s some good stuff in there.