Podcasting at SxSW

Posted by Maximum Fun on 16th August 2011

Back in the days when my annual income had not yet topped $14,000, Andy Bowers gave me a hand. In his capacity as Podcasting King of Slate, he hired me to be the substitute host of the Slate Daily Podcast, kicking me a couple hundred bucks a show when their regular folks were out on assignment or otherwise away from the mics. In other words: I owe him one.

He proposed a great panel at South by Southwest Interactive on the maturity and future of podcasting, featuring myself, Jeff Ulrich from Earwolf and Mignon Fogerty (aka Grammar Girl) from Quick & Dirty Tips.

If you’re the type who votes for this sort of thing, vote here and now.

And while you’re at it, check out my pal Mary O’Hara’s panel, on the role of ideology in online jornalism. She’s what I’d call a mega-badass, and I think that, too will be cool.