Podcast: The Symphony with Masta Ace and Patton Oswalt

Posted by Maximum Fun on 23rd August 2006

This week on The Sound of Young America, it’s The Symphony of awesomeness.

Patton Oswalt is a great pal of The Sound of Young America. His fame as a standup comic has come to rival his celebrity as co-star of The King of Queens. He created the tour and television series “The Comedians of Comedy,” which aired on Comedy Central. Most recently, he was cast as the lead in the upcoming Pixar animated film “Ratatouille.”

Also, we dip into our archives for a 2004 interview with rapper Masta Ace. He helped define hip-hop as a member of The Juice Crew in the mid-80s, then struggled with the industry for ten years, releasing several critically acclaimed but only modestly commercially succesful LPs. He most recently released “A Long Hot Summer” and “Disposable Arts,” two story-driven concept albums. Each was acclaimed by hip-hop fans and critics.

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