Pin sale for charity and a chance to win a Maximum Bag!

Posted by C.N. Josephs on 27th March 2024

Hi there!

Just two more days until the end of MaxFunDrive! This is THE time to become a member. You’ll count towards network and show goals, and you’ll get special thank-you gifts. And of course, you’ll get over 600 hours of BoCo with stuff from every show—not just from this year, but from every year they’ve been on the network!

If you’re an existing member who’s started enjoying new shows but can’t upgrade your membership to the next level, the best thing to do is boost your membership by a couple bucks. That way, the new shows get your support AND your old faves continue to get the same amount of support from you!

→ Support your favorite shows

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Post-Drive pin sale to support VoteRiders

One of our favorite MaxFunDrive traditions begins on Monday, April 1: the post-Drive pin sale for charity! This year, the proceeds from the pin sale will support VoteRiders, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding ballot access nationwide. VoteRiders provides voter ID assistance so that every American citizen can cast a ballot that counts.

A GIF showing every pin

As usual, members contributing $10/month or more can purchase all of the MaxFunDrive pins featuring shows from across the network, and all members are able to buy this year’s exclusive network pin featuring Nutsy the Squirrel playing a fierce game of chess. If you join or upgrade now, you can still get in on the sale!

→ Become a member

→ Upgrade to $10/mo

Guess how much candy is in the bag for a chance to win one!

We filled our Maximum Bag with a truly incredible amount of candy. Thirty plus pounds of candy. And that STILL wasn’t enough candy to fully fill this cavernous bag. The toting possibilities are endless.

Want a chance to win the Maximum Bag? Go to our TwitterInstagramBlueskyThreads, or Facebook and comment with the number of pieces you think are in the bag. Whoever is closest without going over wins! We’ll pick one winner from the live show audience and one from the internet. Winners and the total will be revealed on Friday at our MaxFunDrive Finale Show at 5pm!

Upcoming events!

MaxFunDrive Finale at the Elysian

We still have a few seats open for our MaxFunDrive Finale Show on Friday in LA! If you can join us at 5pm at the Elysian Theatre, then—whether you’re a member or not—you can grab a ticket for free! But you’ve gotta RSVP.


Thanks for reading! Let’s have a super strong end to the Drive! Please consider becoming a member or upgrading/boosting your membership. If you can’t at this time, please help us spread the word about MaxFunDrive and your favorite shows!

— Stacey and your friends at Maximum Fun

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