Party Down Episode One

Posted by Maximum Fun on 3rd April 2009

Next week on The Sound of Young America, we’ll have interviews with three of the stars of the new Starz comedy Party Down: Adam Scott, Jane Lynch and Martin Starr. All three have other amazing credits — Scott was the hilarious evil brother in Stepbrothers, Lynch has been the highlight of several Chris Guest movies and, recently, Role Models, and Starr of course was wonderful in Freaks & Geeks. I first heard about the show a couple years ago, when co-creator Rob Thomas was on TSOYA to talk about the end of his series Veronica Mars.

Starz has posted the first episode of the Party Down on YouTube, and it’s embedded above. It even features a guest turn from Veronica Mars star Enrico Colantoni. The first episode is really enjoyable, but I think the show finds its voice in episode three. Either way, highly recommended viewing.

Also: as Aaron notes in the comments, the first two episodes are available in Netflix on Demand, and apparently new episodes will be as well after they air.