Operators Are Standing By!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 10th May 2007

Today I’ll put out the last TSOYA will a pledge plug, and I want to thank some more of the good folks who’ve given so far…

My thanks to: Ramsey E, Yakov K, Tyler M, Cara C, Chris V, Steven T, Lee M, Trevor A, Jane L, Jeremiah D, Charles M, Brian M, Robert C, Peter H, Finn M, Dana D, Marie D, Laura G, Neal M, Matthew H and Chuck B.

If you’d like to join these good people in giving to support the show, just click here.

Not only does EVERYONE who donates get a prize, you’ll also be entered to win some super cool prizes, like a DVD box set of Get Smart, an autographed copy of John Hodgman’s Areas of My Expertise, a copy of Kasper Hauser’s SkyMaul, or one of FIVE personalized hoboes illustrated by Ape Lad.

Please give now.