Nick Adams book tour kicks off…

Posted by Maximum Fun on 3rd April 2006

Sound of Young America pal Nick Adams just kicked off the tour for his very funny new book, “Making Friends with Black People,” at Book Soup in LA. Not only were there plenty of folks there, but one of them was the first white lady ever to be on Soul Train… and according to photographic evidence, one of them was TSOYA pal / brilliant standup comedian Jasper Redd. I’d link to Jasper’s website, but the man still doesn’t have one, which is probably why so many people come to our website after searching for “Jasper Redd.”

Nick’s got a few more readings coming up… He’ll be reading at Marcus Books in San Francisco on Friday at 6PM, and Saturday, he’s reading at Barnes & Noble in Oakland at 7:30 PM. I’ll be at the San Francisco reading (in the audience, of course), so come and say hi to Nick and I.

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