New York, New York!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 4th March 2007

I have to admit I listened to myself on the radio today. Well… the internet radio.

The Sound of Young America’s debut on WNYC is a very proud moment for me and for the show. My girlfriend’s best pals called from Jersey City to put their phone up to the radio. It was really great.

If you live in New York, please listen, and please let WNYC what you think of the show. If you have any money, make a donation to them. I did… and not just out of self-promotional interest. I look forward to listening to “On the Media” and “Studio 360” every week. It’s a great station, and I think that taking a chance on TSOYA is indicative of a larger vision to be awesome. So support that.

“Let me tell you something, New York City is dope. Please make a f**kin’ note of that one.”
– Billy Danze of M.O.P.