New podcast joins MaxFun! Plus, the future of Primer

Posted by C.N. Josephs on 25th June 2024

Hi there!

That’s right—we’ve got another fantastic new show joining the network! Plus, some important news about how you can support the future of Primer.

TV Chef Fantasy League is joining Maximum Fun!

Fantasy football leagues meet cooking competition shows in this new podcast by Sierra Katow, Ify Nwadiwe, and Mike Cabellon.

TV Chef Fantasy League: Masterchef

If you know Sierra, Ify, and Mike, you know that they love comedy: Sierra recently released her debut comedy special, Ify hosts MaxFun’s Maximum Film! and Dropout’s Um, Actually, and Mike had a leading role on NBC’s Mr. Mayor.

What you might not know is that their passion for comedy is only rivaled by their passion for cooking shows—and their passion for competition.

Enter TV Chef Fantasy League (formerly Top Chef Fantasy League), a podcast that combines serialized cooking competitions with the “play along at home” format of fantasy football leagues. Join Mike, Ify, and Sierra as they turn up the heat on their favorite cooking shows by creating rules for a fantasy league, drafting their favorite chefs, and earning points each week based on how those chefs perform in the TV show.
You can even play along using the same rules that the hosts do! But if fantasy leagues aren’t your thing, don’t worry–TV Chef Fantasy League is also a great recap podcast hosted by three comedians/friends/superfans who are as passionate about cooking shows as they are about comedy.

TV Chef Fantasy League kicks off a new season today with weekly episodes covering the new season of MasterChef. So jump in, subscribe, and tell your friends (and maybe start your own league with them)!

→ Listen to the first episode

Help us make a second season of Primer!

Everyone at MaxFun loves Primer, and we’d love to make a second season—but we need your help.


Last month, we launched Primer, a podcast featuring in-depth discussions about music genres from outside the English-speaking world. Our first season dives into Japanese City Pop, with guests like Devendra Banhart, UMI, and DāM FunK, all skillfully led by our own Christian Dueñas and his season one co-host, Yosuke Kitazawa.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, give it a listen!

“I would have known [Primer] was a MaxFun show with my eyes closed. MaxFun shows often celebrate unbridled joy and obsession, which is something I appreciate.”

— Lauren Passell, Podcast The Newsletter

Thanks to the portion of our members’ contributions that go to MaxFun, we were able to cover the upfront costs of making the first season of Primer ourselves—simply put, we wanted a show like this to exist in the world, so we made it. We’d all love to see a second season exploring another genre of music from outside the English-speaking world, but to do that, we need to make sure we can cover the costs of making it.

If you’ve been listening to Primer, if you like supporting indie media, or if you’re just a cool person who wants to help passionate people make great art, can you make a one-time contribution to help us cover the costs of the show? You’ll get cool gifts, our gratitude, and (if we hit our goal) a second season of a fantastic show!

→ Make a one-time contribution

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! If you got here, screenshot this for a bonus point to your final MasterChef fantasy league score (ok ok, we can’t promise that. We don’t make the rules, TV Chef Fantasy League does).

— Your friends at MaxFun

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