NBC Dotcomedy.com

Posted by Maximum Fun on 16th May 2006

In the upfronts yesterday, NBC announced that they will be launching a new website/broadband channel called “Dotcomedy.com.” The channel will feature clips from NBC comedy shows like Conan, Leno and SNL, as well as a bunch of new media buzzwords. CNet, for example, says it will offer users, “a chance to create their own content to podcasts.” The Apiary is reporting that in addition to the comedy clips “DOTCOMEDY.com will also have blogs, podcasts and mash-ups.” What even is a comedy clip mashup?

I’m imagining the presentation went something like this… “mashup blog web 2.0 myspace social networking blog blog RSS remix mashup user-generated content vodcast podcast vidcast ipod bookmarking tagging on-demand mobile media thank you, goodnight.” And it being the upfronts, it was probably delivered by Jay Leno on a motorcycle.

On the plus side, NBC also announced the pickup of both Tina Fey and Aaron Sorkin’s behind-the-scenes-at-a-show-a-lot-like-SNL shows, both of which have a lot of potential. And they announced 30 “Webisodes” of “The Office.” Which could certainly be a disaster, but could also be good. Personally, I’m embarassed to even write the word “webisode.”