My hope.

Posted by Maximum Fun on 9th February 2011

My hope is that this song and video will embarrass you so much that you will feel compelled to tell your legislator that you support funding for public media.

This is a critical time for public media funding. This isn’t some urban legend email forward. This is the real deal.

The per-capita cost of public broadcasting is less than two bucks per person, per year. This money is a small but important piece of what keeps big stations afloat, but it’s the cornerstone for small stations.

I don’t get any direct federal funding, but all of the stations that carry The Sound are supported in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Of course, the average station leverages every dollar of public funding to create six dollars of private funding through donations, private grants and other income. That federal money is the seed that grows an amazing tree.

If you want to learn more, you can check out 170 Million Americans, a website created by some big public media players to convey why public media is so important, and why 170 million people around the country tune into it every month.