The Minnesota Danny: The Official Mixed Drink of Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 13th April 2009

As regular listeners of Jordan, Jesse, Go! are no doubt aware, I have recently been fascinated by a spirit called Danny DeVito’s Limoncello. Not only is it the only limoncello endorsed by Danny DeVito, it’s also “the finest summer drink from Italy.”

Of course, our friend John Hodgman last year fueled our interest in another celebrity-endorsed liquor, Dan Ackroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka.

You may not know that DeVito produced Ackroyd’s 1996 film “Feeling Minnesota.”

It is this remarkable situation that has led to the creation of Jordan, Jesse, Go!’s first signature drink: The Minnesota Danny.

Combine one part Dan Ackroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka, one part Danny DeVito’s Limoncello, and ginger ale or 7-Up to taste (we haven’t decided which yet). Garnish with a lemon wedge and serve ice cold!

If you’re in Seattle and coming to the Monsters of Podcasting show, will you bring us DeVito Limoncello and/or Crystal Head Vodka so we can demonstrate this amazing drink for you? Email me!