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Merlin Mann is the world champion NPR complainer.

Posted by Maximum Fun on 31st July 2008

Seriously: there is no one who is better at complaining about public radio than Merlin Mann.

I mean seriously.

The man drops a bomb like this about twice a week.

Edit: it seems that Merlin has taken this post as some sort of challenge, because he’s spewing out bon mots at the rate of a million a minute right now.

Here’s a few:

“Prairie Home Companion: a gentle amble through 2 hrs of reminders why most Americans despise poems, theater, and harmonizing in fifths.”

“Next ‘On the Media:’ Bob kicks his slippers at the web for 10 minutes. Because he’s definitely not terrified of it. Edited. By. Brook.”

“Later, on All Things Considered, Robert Siegel talks with a water fountain about how bear markets impact the silent objects we drink from.”

“Up next on Morning Edition, our new 112-part series from producer, Jay Allison: ‘Old Black Ladies Cry While Someone Fingerpicks a Guitar.'”