Me on KUOW Presents

Posted by Maximum Fun on 25th September 2008

Seattle’s #1 celebrity, Detlef Schrempf

The very kind Jeremy Richards from KUOW and KXOT in Seattle stopped by MaxFunHQ earlier this week and interviewed me for a show called KUOW Presents. As you may have heard, I’m going to be doing TSOYA Live! at Sketchfest Seattle on Saturday, along with Dan Savage, Pete Rothbart from Found Magazine, the sketch groups The Birthday Boys and Hey You Millionaires.

You can download the show in MP3 format from this link. You can also stream it on their site here. I’m the final segment, from about 40 minutes in to the end.

And for gosh sakes, if you’re in Seattle, come to the fucking show. If nobody shows up, guess who looks like an asshole? Me, that’s who. Here I am, sleeping on some nice sketch group’s floor, and there you are, not coming to my show. That’s a bad situation. So buy some tickets, round up some friends, and make me feel like I make good decisions with my life.