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Maximum Fun Welcomes Five New Shows

Posted by Maximum Fun on 1st January 2014

For weeks I’ve been promising big news come the new year. Well, it’s finally here. I’m proud to announce that we’ve got four new shows in the MaxFun lineup, and a fifth being re-launched.

Two of these shows are brand new, and two of them are already off to great starts. We’re hoping you’ll support them – both by checking them out and by donating in our MaxFunDrive this spring.

Here’s the rundown:

The Goosedown with Jasper Redd & Kimberly Clark
Most comics are antic. Jasper and Kim are the opposite. The Goosedown is a warm, enveloping blanket of stray observations, off-hand remarks and social insights that’s perfect for late night listening. It’s a different kind of comedy podcast.

Lady to Lady
On Lady to Lady, hosts Brandie Posey, Tess Barker and Barbara Gray talk about the kind of stuff ladies talk about when there are no men around. Intimate, vulgar, hilarious, incisive, hilarious. Hilarious twice because it’s really, really funny.

International Waters with Dave Holmes
International Waters is one of MaxFun’s most beloved and fastest growing shows, and now it’s moving to twice a month, with a brand new host. The game stays the same: a battle between UK and US comics in a pop culture quiz. But now, your host is the hilarious and charming Dave Holmes, known for hosting every television show ever, and his comedy work on Reno 911 and on stage in LA’s long-running The Friday 40. It’s twice the humor, and infinity percent more Dave Holmes.

Oh No, Ross & Carrie!
Every month, Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy put on their investigator hats and take on the fringey, strange, paranormal and pseudo-scientific. They’ve joined 9/11 Truther groups, learned reflexology, searched for energy vortices and barfed their guts out after some particularly foul hangover cures. And of course once they do this crazy stuff, they always report back, forthwith.

Song Exploder
Composer/Producer Hrishikesh Hirway (The One AM Radio) talks to musicians about how and why they recorded a single song. Then he breaks the song’s stems – the individual instrumental and vocal tracks – down and builds the song again with snippets from the interview. Episode one features Jimmy Tamborello of The Postal Service talking about their song The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.

So… head over to iTunes, give these shows a listen and subscribe. And don’t forget who brings ’em to ya!