Screenshot of MaxFun staff on Zoom

Maximum Fun Donates $95,400 to GiveDirectly to Help Families Affected by COVID-19

In a year that’s seen a lot of bad news, we’re excited to bring you some really good news.

Posted by Stacey Molski on 23rd November 2020

After postponing MaxFunDrive — our annual membership drive where we do most of our fundraising for the year — in March due to the pandemic, we regrouped to think about how we could help our audience and show communities, as well as the broader communities we all belong to. We wound up with a four-week, low-pressure MaxFunDrive in late summer, where we also put some focus on charitable causes. 

GiveDirectly is one such cause, and the recipient of the proceeds from this year’s pin sale.

GiveDirectly is a nonprofit organization that lets people send money directly to families in need. Giving people cash allows them to invest in what they need right away. The impact of COVID-19 on many families across America is devastating, and the money they receive through GiveDirectly can begin to provide some stability.

Maximum Fun members understand the impact that direct support can have on an organization, and in a year like this, redirecting that support to individuals who could use some help seemed like the perfect thing to do.

On November 23, 2020, Maximum Fun, headquartered in Los Angeles, sent GiveDirectly a donation of $95,400.

Screenshot of MaxFun staff on Zoom

Usually we’d have a group photo of us with a giant check, but since it’s 2020, we have this screenshot of MaxFun staff on Zoom.

Pins and other gifts will ship out to members in January, but in the meantime, the support of the MaxFun community will provide direct cash relief to families impacted by COVID-19 across the United States, just in time for the tough holiday season we’re heading into. Even in this difficult year, the MaxFun community remains extraordinarily kind.

Everyone at Maximum Fun is astounded year after year at how generous and caring our audience is. Not only did they make our unusual, long MaxFunDrive our most successful membership drive yet, but they showed up time and time again to support folks in their communities, both through our livestreamed shows for charity and our pin sale. 

Thank you to everyone in the MaxFun community who makes our work possible and enables us to help others. We’re so grateful to the amazing hosts of Maximum Fun podcasts who have helped bring all you MaxFunsters together. And thank you to everyone at GiveDirectly who is working quickly to get direct relief to families affected by COVID. All of us at Maximum Fun are honored to be able to help out in some small way, thanks to our wonderful community. 

If you would like to join the Maximum Fun community in donating to GiveDirectly, you can help support families in need across America by making a contribution at