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MaxFunDrive 2022 is April 25 to May 6!

Posted by Stacey Molski on 11th April 2022

MaxFunDrive 2022 is April 25 to May 6!

MaxFunDrive logo. Retro looking. Teal background with the words MaxFunDrive repeating in white or outlined in white That’s in two weeks! And it’s FOR two weeks!

We do it every year, but every year is special: MaxFunDrive is when our network and hosts come together to ask for the support they need to keep making the shows you love for the rest of the year. But besides that, it’s also a special two-week period full of the best shows of the year, exclusive thank-you gifts, virtual surprises, and a bunch of fun on social media!

As we enter our third MaxFunDrive of this pandemic, we at MaxFunHQ are reflecting on how lucky we are to have our audience and to work with our hosts and each other. We are so grateful to everyone who supports us. Whether it’s with a monthly membership, by spreading the word about your favorite MaxFun shows, or by tuning in, thanks for being a part of it all! We know it’s been a tough couple of years so if this MaxFunDrive is not the right time for you to become a member or boost/upgrade your membership, we totally understand! We hope you’ll still join us in celebrating all things MaxFun during the Drive!

We always say it because it’s true: MaxFunDrive is the best time to show your support to the shows you love, but it’s also the best time for us to show our gratitude to all of you MaxFun members and our audience for making everything we do possible. Thank you so much! Come have a bunch of fun with us from April 25-May 6!

New Bonus Content for monthly members!

For our pals who are already MaxFun members at the $5 level or above, you know that the MaxFunDrive also brings the gift of brand new BoCo from every show as our way of saying thank you for your support! On April 25–the first day of MaxFunDrive–we’ll send you the password you’ll need to open the doors to a treasure trove of fun members-only stuff. So, keep an eye out for a message from on Monday, April 25! (That email will also give you a peek at this year’s thank-you gifts for new and upgrading members, including the rad new $10 gifts we’ll be debuting this year!)

Virtual Events: Pub Trivia and a Finale Hangout!

MaxFun Pub Trivia with Chuck Bryant & John Hodgman on April 30

An image with details about MaxFun Pub TriviaMaxFunCon Pub Trivia’s dynamic duo of Chuck Bryant and John Hodgman are hosting a virtual trivia event for charity, with the help of the MaxFunsters over at Trivia Mafia! MaxFunDrive is the perfect time to get together and have some fun for a good cause, so we hope you can join us! Gather your pals and get ready to search for some facts hidden in your memory next to the lyrics to a bunch of podcast theme songs.

The game will be played in teams of up to five. If you’d like to put together a team to play, you can learn more and purchase tickets here. (You can also get view-only tickets to watch a livestream of the event) Because team tickets are limited, we suggest you get all your team members’ tickets at once to guarantee your spot.

Sat, April 30th at 2pm PT / 5pm ET

$25 per player, teams of up to 5 people
$6 suggested donation to watch the stream of the event

Speaking of donations, all of the money raised from tickets sold for this event will go to National CASA/GAL and the work they do training volunteers to advocate for children in the foster care system. National CASA/GAL are also holding their Walk/Run/Thrive event this same weekend!

MaxFunDrive Finale Hangout on May 6

We like to wrap up the MaxFunDrive with a little celebration! So on May 6 at 5pm PT / 8pm ET, we’re going to be counting down to the end of the Drive with some host-led Jackbox games featuring audience prompts!

We’re looking for prompts that could be used in games of Quiplash or Drawful.
Here’s some tips for creating Quiplash prompts, and a couple of examples:

  • The worst theme for a pinball machine
  • My new podcast name
  • A new closing line for my show

Drawful is basically like Pictionary. Here are some example prompts (that I really hope we use now because I just want to watch hosts draw dinosaurs):

  • Your co-host riding a dinosaur
  • A hat Jesse Thorn might wear
  • The character you would be in a teen drama

Submit your prompts by replying to this tweet thread. If you’re not a Twitter user, don’t worry, you can email us your prompts, just be sure to let us know which game it’s for!

Add it to your calendar , set a YouTube reminder, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss it!

Be sure to follow your favorite shows and @MaxFunHQ on Twitter and Instagram for more updates as MaxFunDrive approaches. And download or stream new eps of your MaxFun podcasts from April 25-May 6–even if you’re not caught up on those shows yet. We have a ton of fun stuff in store for you and you won’t want to miss it!

Back with more in two weeks! Have a lovely day!