MaxFunCon 2009: It’s On.

Posted by Maximum Fun on 8th September 2008

A couple years ago, I asked Dan Grayson, the guy who wrote “Maximum Fun” with me, what he was up to. He looked at me and said with utter conviction, “the greatest artistic work of which I am capable.” Dan doesn’t fuck around when it comes to that kind of stuff, and it was amazing to hear him say such an outlandish thing with such commitment. I never thought I’d be able to do the same.


MaxFunCon is the greatest work of which I am capable.

I have known in my heart for years now that is about much more than just a radio show — it’s about a mindset, a way of thinking and being. MaxFunCon is my attempt to take that out of the realm of the abstract and make it real.

Here’s what MaxFunCon is:
A long weekend in a beautiful mountain conference center and resort in Southern California.
A chance to see some of the funniest people in the world perform.
An opportunity to learn to be more awesome.
A chance to share a weekend with your new best friends.

Here’s who’ll be there (so far):
John Hodgman
Merlin Mann, Scott Simpson & Adam Lisagor of You Look Nice Today
Jimmy Pardo & Matt Belknap of Never Not Funny
Jordan, Jesse Go!
Hard N Phirm
Mark Frauenfelder & Xeni Jardin of
…and more to come.

So cop those tickets now.