March Malldness, plus a chance to sit in on a Zoom recording!

Posted by C.N. Josephs on 20th March 2024

Hi there!

Two full days of MaxFunDrive have passed, so right now feels like the perfect time to tell you about two more surprises! Well, after we take a closer look at those thank-you gifts! But first…

Thank you to the 3,000 (and counting!) MaxFunsters who have joined, boosted, or upgraded!

Your contribution to the network means that you’re supporting independent art and sending a clear message that artists don’t need major corporations to be able to make awesome things. In short, you’re awesome.

If you’re not a member yet, now is the best time of year to sign up. You already know how much better your day gets when the hosts of your favorite shows release a new episode for you. Becoming a member gives you a chance to directly support the people who have brought you so much joy—and it feels good to be a modern-day patron of the arts at a time when artists need support more than ever. So, will you take that next step?

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If you’re a member who hasn’t boosted or upgraded, thank you so much for your support! If you’d like to support your favorite shows even more (and maybe get some cool limited-time merch while you’re at it), this is the best time to boost or upgrade your membership.

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MaxFunDrive 2024 gifts!

If you join or upgrade before the drive is over, you can get some really great limited-edition gifts, like…

600+ hours of bonus content from your favorite shows

All $5/month and above members get access to our entire library of past, present, and future bonus content. This includes things like:

  • The Adventure Zone / My Brother, My Brother and Me: The brothers co-GM a 2-part TTRPG for Clint (the Planeswalking Janitor) based on Plato’s Rave
  • Sound Heap with John-Luke Roberts: The official (and officially non-canonical) Sound Heap x Beef and Dairy Network x Diary of a Tiny CEO Crossover
  • Depresh Mode with John Moe: John invites listeners of the show onto the podcast to interview him
  • Secret Histories of Nerd Mysteries: Brenda and Austin watch every single Air Bud movie in order
  • The JV Club with Janet Varney: Janet interviewed Jasmine Bhullar (DesiQuest, Dimension 20) in front of a live audience on JoCo Cruise
  • Jordan Stop Jesse Podcasting Go! Yourself: Self explanatory, I think.

Pins, games, and a very big bag!

If you join or upgrade at $10/month, you get to pick one of the pins below!

And if you join or upgrade at $20/month or more, you’ll have your choice of a beautiful MaxFun-themed cloth chess/checkerboard and pieces, or our embroidered bucket hat. For $35/month or more, you can get the tote bag to tote all bags: the Maximum Bag. (Plus, the gifts from the tiers below it).

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MaxFun Presents: March Malldness!

Was the mall a prime hangout in your youth? I bet you have some strong feelings about mall stores (whether you realize it or not). Well, we want to hear those feelings! We’ve got a March Malldness bracket and everything. We’ll have polls on Twitter and Instagram, so follow us there.* We even have a mini companion podcast (but fill out the bracket first to avoid spoilers!).

*We’re on BlueskyThreadsFacebook, and Reddit, too, but won’t be polling there this time.

A small image of the March Malldness bracket

Let’s be real here, March Malldness isn’t part of some grand MaxFunDrive plan. It came up three weeks ago in our Slack, and we thought you might enjoy it, too. Because we’re a worker-owned co-op, sometimes we get to do a thing just because it’s fun! Hope you like it!

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A chance to sit in a Zoom recording of a podcast you love!

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of a recording of a show? Only instead of a fly you’re a person and you’re in your own house? Of course—we all have!

Well, when we get to 5,000 new, upgrading, and boosting members, we’re going to randomly select five people from that list of folks and give them a chance to sit in on a Zoom recording of an episode. And if we get to 10,000, we’ll pick five more!

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Upcoming events

We’re trying to add everything to our calendar, but sometimes events just pop up spontaneously! We’ll add replays to the calendar ICYMI.



A graphic for meetup day show folks outside at a bar

Ticketed events this weekend

A flyer for Go Fact Yourself Live

→ Go Fact Yourself Live with Andy Richter and Tonya Mosley

A flyer for JJGo A Cavalcade of Stars

→ Jordan, Jesse, Go! A Cavalcade of Stars

Alright friends, I’ll leave you with this: Wetzel’s Pretzels is named after a real person who got into the pretzel biz because of his last name. The mall holds wonders.

(Oh, and here’s those links to join or upgrade one more time.)

Have a great day!

— Stacey and your friends at Maximum Fun

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