MaxFunDrive Grand Opening: Monday, March 20, 4 PM PT/7 PM ET. With guests Janet Varney, Dan McCoy, Biz Ellis, and Ellen Weatherford. @MaxFunHQ on Youtube

March 7th Newsletter: You’re invited to the MaxFunDrive Grand Opening livestream on March 20!

Posted by C.N. Josephs on 8th March 2023

Hello again!

Tune in on the first day of MaxFunDrive 2023 to enjoy breakfast-for-dinner with us!

MaxFunDrive Grand Opening livestream event on March 20 at 4pm PT!

MaxFunDrive Grand Opening: Monday, March 20, 4 PM PT/7 PM ET. With guests Janet Varney, Dan McCoy, Biz Ellis, and Ellen Weatherford. @MaxFunHQ on Youtube

On Monday, March 20, we’re kicking off our favorite time of year with a MaxFunDrive Grand Opening at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET on YouTube! Emceed by producers Marissa Flaxbart (Maximum Film!, Feeling Seen) and Valerie Moffat (Judge John Hodgman, JJGo livestreams), your favorite MaxFun hosts are showing up for what promises to be a seriously sticky, competitive good time. Think “The Joy of Painting” meets “Nailed It!” with Dan McCoy (The Flop House), Janet Varney (The JV Club with Janet Varney), Biz Ellis (One Bad Mother), and Ellen Weatherford (Just the Zoo of Us). Fake judge/real expert Kira Gowan will be present to declare the winner.

Plus, producer Christian Dueñas will be in the green room patiently waiting for his chance to show you all the cool thank-you gifts we’ll have for new and upgrading members this year. And we’ll let you know exactly how your contributions from 2022 benefitted your favorite shows. Set a reminder on YouTube and put it on your calendar!

In the chat with MaxFunHQ: MaxFunDrive

As you know, MaxFunDrive starts in two weeks! While everyone’s putting all the garnishes on their MFD episodes, we asked HQ staff what their favorite part of MFD is.

April: I LOVE seeing all the shows collaborate with and support each other. And I love how it’s the time of year where shows get to really feel from the community how loved their work is.

Julian: My favorite thing is hearing from and interacting with listeners. Podcasting often feels like a one-way street where we just send things to the ether. It’s nice to hear what effect we have on people.

Gabe: The feeling of exhaustion after producing two additional episodes… and the sunglasses.

Kira: I love seeing the generosity of MaxFunsters who buy anonymous gift memberships for others.

Stacey: I love hearing from a ton of kind folks in the community, and getting to interact with all of you lovely people. It’s also wonderful to see you all interact with each other!

Danny: I love that MaxFunDrive is when some shows decide to really Make It Weird and their audiences are totally there for it.

Bikram: I really love hearing from our audience. We work hard throughout the year, and we look at download numbers, and we know that we’re touching hundreds of thousands of lives, but this is the time of year when we get tweets and emails and even the occasional postcard, and it all helps to remind me of how much our work matters to other people. Which is important, because it matters a lot to us, as well.

Christian: When I get the leftover gifts.
[editor’s note: now you see why we have him talking about the gifts in our Grand Opening.]

We’ll be back again soon with an update we think you’re really going to like.
Thank you!
– Your friends at Maximum Fun


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