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In the Loop – “Tucker’s Law”

Posted by Maximum Fun on 5th July 2009

(The above isn’t even a tiny bit safe for work.)

One of the subjects that came up when the creator of the Canadian sitcom Trailer Park Boys was on The Sound of Young America was creative swearing.

I’m prepping for an interview with the British comedy writer and director Armando Iannucci, and have been thinking a lot about his new film, “In the Loop,” which opens in the States in about two weeks and is fantastically hilarious.

It’s an ensemble film, but its central character is a political flak named Malcolm Tucker, played by Peter Capaldi. Tucker’s streams of profanity are so astonishing that they’re almost magical. As much as I love Ricky and Julian’s swearing on Trailer Park Boys, Malcolm Tucker takes the cake.

Above, a classic example from The Thick of It, the TV show that begat the film: “Tucker’s Law.” Very, very NSFW.