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The Long-Term Effects of Marijuana

Posted by Maximum Fun on 17th April 2006

Wondering what the long-term effects of marijuana might be? Here are two great options for satiating your hunger for knowledge:

A) Check out this week’s Straight Dope.

B) Go see me and Jordan’s sketch group Prank the Dean at the High Times Comedy Festival in San Francisco, featuring Tom Rhodes, Doug Benson, Rick Overton, Rob Cantrell, Greg Proops, and many other long-term victims of the demon weed. Whether you’re a comrade-at-bong, or a conscientious abstainer (like me), you will be able to appreciate their jokes.

We’re performing at the two Friday night shows — 8 and 10:30 PM at Cobb’s Comedy Club on Columbus Street. Buy tickets for the early show or the late show.