Live in NY? See Tina Fey’s new pilot…

Posted by Maximum Fun on 9th March 2006

Tina Fey has a new pilot, a behind-the-scenes at SNL sitcom starring Alec Baldwin. It also features Fey and Tracy Morgan, among others. If you live in NYC, you can go see the taping…
Greetings from NBC Studios!

Next Friday, March 17th, Tina Fey will be shooting her television pilot in Studio 8H at Rockefeller Center. Tina Fey stars in a workplace comedy behind the scenes of a television show. The pilot also stars Alec Baldwin and more details are to follow.
We would LOVE to have you as a part of our audience! Shooting will take place from about 1:00pm until 5:00pm . Arrival time of audience will be no later than 11:45am. If interested in attending, please email: with “TINA FEY PILOT” in the subject line. Please include all names, numbers, and email addresses of those that would like to come.


When Liz Lemon was hired to write for her best friend’s show on NBC, she was living every lady comedy writer’s dream. But her life gets a jolt when a brash new network president bullies Liz into hiring a wild and unpredictable African-American movie star to join the cast. If she doesn’t, her little show is history. Now Liz must manage the unmanageable and appease the unappeasable so that her dream can go on.

Interestingly, NBC is planning two sketch comedy behind-the-scenes shows for the fall. The other was created by Sportsnight/West Wing/A Few Good Men scribe Aaron Sorkin, and is an hour long drama. A little birdy let us check out the scripts of the two shows, and we’re coming down on Aaron Sorkin’s side (not that Sportsnight didn’t predispose us to that outcome already). That said, both shows have a lot of potential, and with performers as winning as Morgan and Baldwin on board for Fey’s, we hope both succeed, creatively and audience-wise.

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