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Live and in your face!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 25th March 2008

If you haven’t stopped by the Live page lately, we’ve got some really kick-ass “Sound of Young America Presents” shows coming up in the next week or so.

In New York:

Brooklyn Vegan & Klaus Kinski present Rock & ROFL is Monday night at Piano’s. From 8-9, there’s awesome comedy, including our pal Will Franken and lots of great NYC comics. From 9-12, there’s awesome music… we can’t give away the lineup, but there’s a super-secret guest on the music side who’s a past TSOYA guest. If you don’t know who it might be, pick up a tiny telephone and call a friend who loves indie rock for a hint.

The Variety SHAC is April 3rd at the UCBNY. This is an awesome monthly comedy and music show from four really talented New Yorkers: Shonali Bhowmik, Heather Lawless, Andrea Rosen, and Chelsea Peretti. They always have amazing guests, to boot. If you haven’t been charmed and laugh-ified by these ladies yet, you soon will.

And this Thursday night in San Francisco, Club Chuckles is at the Hemlock Tavern. Prank the Dean has played this show before, and it’s an amazing showcase for alternative comedy and funny and outrageous music. This month, you can see TSOYA favorite Brent Weinbach recording his CD, and hear music/performance from Dynasty Handbag. The show’s producer told me he wants the place jammed for both shows (early and late!), so he’s only charging five bucks(!) to get in. Very worth your time.

Go! Enjoy yourselves! With our blessing!