The LA Times on Literary Deathmatch

Posted by Maximum Fun on 19th October 2010

Carolyn Kellog of the LA Times was kind enough to come by the Literary Death Match show I was part of here in Los Angeles the other night. The experience of arbitrarily judging literary readings before a crowd of drunk 20- and 30-somethings was new, but it felt as familiar as an old pair of shoes. Or an old, well-worn metaphor.

In her write-up of the event, Carolyn wrote that I “proved he doesn’t need radio’s quiet room and a microphone to be funny.” That was very nice of her, though I like to think of my work as much more than just my world-famous “Lazzi of the Quiet Room and Microphone.” (Admittedly, that’s what I’m known for in Commedia Dell’Arte circles.)

By the way – the champion turned out to be Seth Greenland, who was a guest on The Sound some years ago, talking about his novel The Bones, about the comedy industry. It turns out that Seth is now a writer/producer with Big Love. So that’s neat, too.