LA: See Culture Clash Thursday for Half-Price

Posted by Maximum Fun on 18th November 2008

Culture Clash are a San Francisco-born, LA-bred revolutionary comedy theater group. They formed in the Bay Area when I was a kid, in my neighborhood, The Mission. One of them worked at La Raza Graphics, down the street from my house. One was in grad school with my mom at SF State. They even had a series on FOX, briefly, back when FOX’s outrageousness wasn’t confined to outrageous awfulness. Their hilarious, insightful agitprop is one of the best things you can see on a stage.

CC are performing their signature show, Culture Clash in AmeriCCa, at USC Thursday night, and you can get tickets for just ten bucks. I’m going to be in Las Vegas for The Comedy Festival, but if you’re in SoCal, this is a night not to be missed.

Location: USC’s Bovard Auditorium
Date & Showtime: Thursday November 20, 2008 @ 7:00 PM
Ticket Price: $20 General Public
SPECIAL NOTE: Mention “Culture Clash Fan” over the phone and get the ticket at half price!

The show is documentary sketch comedy. Over the past ten years or so, the group has taken residence at theater groups around the country. Wherever they are, they interview people in all walks of life about their communities, and put together evenings of comedy theater based on those interviews. This show is a sort of greatest hits of those shows. I’ve seen it twice and can recommend it heartily. It’s sweet, incisive and really, really funny.