Kasper Hauser return to LA with SkyMaul Wednesday Night

Posted by Maximum Fun on 15th October 2007

While I’m busy cavorting in New York City Wednesday night (or more accurately, riding an airplane somewhere over Ohio), Kasper Hauser will be making their triumphant return to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater with SkyMaul!

The show is Wednesday night at 8PM. Tickets are only five bucks, so make your reservations now for an amazing night of comedy.

The show is a two headed beast — material drawn from SkyMaul and brand new sketches. I’ve seen it three times, and I love it every time. Just wait until you see SkyMaul CEO Jerry Ponda in his trademark black turtleneck.

PS to NYCers: KH will be performing in NY at the UCB there on November 9th. Some MaxFunsters are planning a meetup. You should go.