Jordan Jesse Go Rider: A FABRICATION

Posted by Maximum Fun on 3rd April 2009

Look, I’ve been getting emails about this all day. The so-called “Jordan Jesse Go concert rider” that was leaked this morning by is completely fabricated. Also: the employee who leaked it from our confidential files has been fired. Plus, I think the demands are perfectly reasonable if you’re trying to do professional-quality work. The point is this: we’re not spoiled Hollywood types, we don’t bathe in Perrier, we use regular old Crystal Geyser just like you. Don’t get it twisted.

Here’s what’s true: the Monsters of Podcasting are coming to the Pacific Northwest, with a show in Seattle on April 23rd and one in Portland on April 26th. Here’s what isn’t: any demands on the list of demands that strike you as innapropriate or whatever. Again: don’t get it twisted.

Note: if you are a venue wishing to book The Monsters of Podcasting, please talk to me about this denial before repeat *before* you set up our green room.