Jordan Burns MTV

Posted by Maximum Fun on 9th April 2007

In 2003, Jordan, Jesse GO! co-host Jordan Morris was bored. So, he did what any normal college graduate would do to entertain himself — he made up a complicated and absurd story in order to prank a prank show.

He told “Burned,” a dating-based knockoff of “Punked,” that his friend Hector had a one man show, which Hector performed in order to get girls. He also told them that he could get Hector to come to a party with him, where Hector would perform the monologue, then get “Burn’d.”

It turned out Jordan’s friend Hector couldn’t come, so Jordan asked another friend, whose name wasn’t even Hector, to stand in for him. Then he wrote the “one man show” for “Hector,” corralled a few other friends into the operation, and, well, burned Burn’d.

It aired a month or two later, my aunt and uncle taped it for me, and this is the first time the prank has been ever been revealed.

Particularly enjoyable: Jordan’s absurd flopping about when the “burn” is “revealed.”

Part One:

Part Two: