John Hodgman On Tour: Appearing in Oregon, Massachusetts, and Other States!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 20th February 2013

In celebration of the world not ending, John Hodgman is taking time to step away from the judicial bench to visit a variety of states, including Oregon (nickname: “The Big Beaver Furrier’s Dreamland”), California (motto: “Do Not Fear Our Giant Prehistoric Trees”) and Massachusetts (which is actually a commonwealth).*

You can purchase tickets for any of these appearances through his website.

Dates and Cities

March 7: Portland, OR
March 8: Eugene, OR
March 10: Northampton, MA
April 20: St. Mary’s City, MD
May 3: Alexandria, VA
May 4: Hartford, CT
May 29: San Francisco, CA
June 21 to June 23: North Adams, MA (Solid Sound Festival)
June 22: also North Adams, MA (MASS MoCA)

Bring your minds. There is COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE to be learned.

*All state information from The Areas of My Expertise, which you have, of course, completely assimilated the contents of by now.