Posted by Maximum Fun on 7th August 2007

Hello Maximum Fun Readers!…My Name is Paul and I’ll be guest blogging a bit this week while Jesse is away on vacation. Hopefully my posts will keep you entertained, however I do want to give you a disclaimer, my grammar is atrocious and use of random punctuation is upsetting to many people. But now that we know that we can move on and look past it.

So lately I’m been obsessed with this Man….

His name is the Iron Sheik. His move is the Camel Clutch and he is INSANE!

Enjoy this Clip from from a Public Access Wrestling Show, it gets great a 1:15, but if you have patience watch it from the beginning, it’s totally worth it.

If you wanna another dose of the Sheik enjoy his appearance on the Gay Themed Channel on Sirius

After watching these I challenge you not to talk like him for the rest of the day.