Indie Rockapella

Posted by Maximum Fun on 13th March 2006

Sound of Young America listener Nathan Smart wears a lot of hats, but one of the most, uhm, interesting is as the sole proprietor of an outfit called “Indie Rockapella.”

Nathan, who has little discernable musical talent, plays MP3s of indie rock tunes into his headphones, then vocalizes each track, one by one. Bass… drums… lead vocals… and so on. At the end, he has a bizarre amalgam of hit indie rock tune and outsider art piece.

Nathan recorded a version of our theme song (MP3 Link), “Maximum Fun,” (originally written by Dan Grayson and myself). It is ugly and beautiful at the same time.

If you visit the website of Indie Rockapella, you can hear him singing other tunes: Sufjan Stevens and so forth.

Kudos to Nathan, for following his dreams!

You can also listen to our original version of the theme, at it’s full length, or read Nathan’s interview with me about video games on his blog Ironic Gamer.