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The Ike & Tina Turner Revue

Posted by Maximum Fun on 5th July 2006

TSOYA listener Cibby suggested this post… and it was a great idea.

Have you ever watched Ike & Tina Turner perform? Those two people are SO raw… they just stepped on stage and TORE SHIT UP. And their dynamic is insane — it’s like they want to fuck each other, love each other, and murder and eat each other at the same time.

“Baby, Get it On” in 1975

“Sexy Ida” sometime in the early 70s

“I Wanna Take You Higher” on Soul Train (note that they’re one of the few groups Don Cornelius allowed to play live on the show)

“Fool in Love” on Shindig in the early-mid 60s (the subtext… or actually… the text here is powerful)