Posted by Maximum Fun on 22nd March 2010


So I visited the IFC compound in Austin while we were at SxSW. The folks there are big JJGo fans and TSOYA fans, because as our pal Jimmy would say, THEY GET IT.

As if their bizarre and amazing show Food Party wasn’t enough to convince you, they just dropped a newsbomb on us… they’ll not only be airing The Kids in the Hall’s CBC series, they’ll also air David Cross’ BBC show, plus, perhaps most excitingly, a new show from the folks behind Onion Network News.

If you haven’t been watching ONN, it’s pretty much lapped the rest of the internet in the “funny video on the internet” department. The head writer is our pal Carol Kolb, who is mega-funny and a WAY COOL lady, and among the staffmembers is our pal Geoff Haggerty of Elephant Larry. Basically, it’s so funny that I hate it.

So bully to IFC, who seem to be giving adult swim a run for their money in the “making something interesting and funny and putting it on TV” department.