Hero of the New Sincerity: Biz Markie

Posted by Maximum Fun on 29th March 2006

Listener Tom points us to this fantastic thread on the forums of Soul-Strut.com, a website for record collectors. It’s a treasure-trove of amazing stories about the emma-emma-zuh-aye arruh-arruh-zuh-kay to the i-e, aka Biz Markie. Best one I’ve read so far is Biz talking about why he recorded his classic record “Pickin’ Boogers:”

“I wanted to do a record like that becuase I knew a lot of people that used to pick boogers. I used to know a kid named anthony hussey and he used to pick his boogers back in the day.”

And that’s realer than Real Deal Holyfield.

Biz Markie: Hero of The New Sincerity