The Greatest Cutaway of All Time

Posted by Maximum Fun on 18th October 2007

In recent years, many television programs have turned to the cut-away joke, in which an offhand reference is illustrated explicitly, interrupting the action. These jokes are a mixed bag — I think we all know how I feel about Family Guy, and we probably don’t know how I feel about Scrubs, but if we did know, it’d only alienate people.

All of that said: I think everyone on earth can agree that the above is the greatest cutaway joke of all time. And perhaps the greatest single joke of all time. And the best use of a Thriller jacket since the short film “Thriller” starring Michael Jackson.

Here are some things that this clip is better than:
Sliced Bread
The Magna Carta
The Kitchen Sink
Baby Animals
Baby People
Gilgamesh (work of literature *and* god)