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The Great Switcheroo 2015!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 5th October 2015

In honor of the unprecedented success of the 2015 MaxFunDrive a few months ago, MaxFun hosts pledged to orchestrate a full-on show swap where we jumble up all of your favorite shows and sprinkle hosts around all willy-nilly (to speak in technical terms). The time for this bold experiment has come — we call it The Great Switcheroo, and we think you’ll love it. Here’s the rundown:

The Adventure Zone hosted by The Flop House

Baby Geniuses hosted by Bunker Buddies

Bullseye hosted by Guy Branum of Pop Rocket

Bunker Buddies hosted by Oliver Wang, Wynter Mitchell, and Margaret Wappler of Pop Rocket

The Flop House hosted by The Adventure Zone

International Waters hosted by Kevin Allison of RISK!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! hosted by My Brother, My Brother and Me

Judge John Hodgman hosted by One Bad Mother

Lady to Lady hosted by Baby Geniuses

My Brother, My Brother and Me hosted by Jesse Thorn, Dave Holmes, Rhea Butcher

Oh No, Ross and Carrie! hosted by Sawbones

One Bad Mother hosted by Stop Podcasting Yourself

Pop Rocket hosted by Throwing Shade

RISK! hosted by John Hodgman

Sawbones hosted by Oh No, Ross and Carrie!

Stop Podcasting Yourself hosted by Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Throwing Shade hosted by Wham Bam Pow

Wham Bam Pow hosted by Lady to Lady

So settle in, explore some new-to-you shows, and chat about the swaps by using the hashtag #GreatSwitcheroo. And thanks again to all of the folks who became members or upgraded their memberships during the MaxFunDrive this year!