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The Great Communicators

Posted by Maximum Fun on 4th March 2006

This week, a classic from The Sound of Young America vaults. The theme of the show is “The Great Communicators,” a tribute to Ronald Reagan. Our guests are Patton Oswalt and Chris Hardwick.

Each of these guys is a standup comic, but each is perhaps best known for (perhaps slightly embarassing) television series. Chris was the host of MTV’s “Singled Out” in the early 1990s, a job which he followed up with a stint hosting the syndicated dating show “Shipmates.” Patton is the co-star of CBS TV’s “The King of Queens,” a sitcom in the much maligned fat-guy-hot-wife genre. It’s definately the best of those, though.

Chris is half of the music duo Hard N Phirm, who have often been heard on The Sound. He’s also due to perform alongside KG from Tenacious D in a musical called “Rock of Ages,” which features some of the “great” hair metal tunes of the 1980s.

One of my favorite shows in our history, certainly one of the funniest.

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