Gift memberships, new pre-pay option, and a tiny dog!

Posted by C.N. Josephs on 22nd March 2024

Hi there!

It’s Friday! Which means we’re wrapping up the first week of MaxFunDrive!

There’s only one week left to join, upgrade, or boost while counting towards goals and milestones—AND getting those limited-edition thank-you gifts, modeled here by Fidget.

A GIF of Fidget, a small black dog, modeling the MaxFunDrive 2024 bandana, bucket hat, and bag.

If you’re a current member who isn’t able to upgrade to the next level, boosting by a dollar or two still counts towards your favorite show’s goals. And if you’ve added any new shows to your rotation, boosting also helps make sure your old shows keep getting the same amount of support from you!

→ Become a member

→ Upgrade your membership

New: Pre-pay for a year of membership!

Some folks just don’t want another recurring monthly charge. I know because I was one of those people! If that’s what’s been stopping you, we’ve got a new solution. You can now pre-pay for twelve months in one transaction. Your balance will be paid out throughout the year to the shows you support, including any new ones you add. When the balance starts running low, we’ll send you an email, so you can re-up with a one-time payment if you’d like. Otherwise, it will switch to monthly contributions.

To pre-pay for twelve months of membership, just go to and toggle over to “pre-pay.”

→ Pre-pay for your membership

Milestones and goals!


Keep an eye on social media to see how your favorite shows are progressing towards their milestones. You can find their social media handles on their podcast page on!

Unlock more Show and Tell videos!

Our hosts don’t just make podcasts, you know. They contain multitudes. So we’re doing a MaxFun Show and Tell! We’ve started releasing some delightful videos from hosts on social media, and we’ll drop a new one every time we hit another 1,000 new, boosting, and upgrading members.

We kicked it off with this video of Tom Lum from Let’s Learn Everything! Help unlock more from folks like Justin McElroy, Biz Ellis, and John Moe by making sure your MaxFun friends know about MaxFunDrive!

Sit in on a recording of an episode on Zoom!

A photo of a soundboard and the text "5000: 5 folks will get a chance to sit in on a zoom recording of an episode

We’ve hit 5,000 new, boosting, and upgrading members, which means 5 of those folks will be given the opportunity to sit in a Zoom recording of a show! You still have a chance to win by joining, boosting, or upgrading, as we’ll be pulling another 5 people if we get to 10,000!

→ Become a member

Upcoming events!

Folks are livestreaming left and right! If you want to see anything you missed, most of them are archived, so check out our calendar.


This weekend

Next week

The gift of membership!

If the cost of a membership really isn’t something you can swing right now, consider asking a loved one for a gift membership. They’ll pay a one-time cost to cover a year of a membership, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll be able to choose which shows you want to support and you’ll get access to all of the Bonus Content and any gifts at the level you’re eligible for. Here’s the link you can send them:!

If you can cover the cost of your own membership and still have some money to spare, consider getting a gift membership for a MaxFunster you know who can’t afford one—or, if you’re feeling especially generous, a MaxFunster you don’t know.

Over the past five years, generous MaxFunsters have paid for over 1,000 memberships for anonymous recipients who couldn’t afford one at the time. Matching the gifters with giftees is truly one of the highlights of the Drive at HQ. If you’d like to give a membership to an anonymous MaxFunster you can do so at—just select the checkbox you see there. Or, if you know anyone who can’t afford a membership right now but would love one, tell them about the waiting list. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to match everyone, but we’ll do as many as we can!

We had a lovely MaxFun Meetup Day yesterday! Hope you were able to attend one and make some new pals.

Have a fanastic weekend!

— Stacey and your friends at Maximum Fun

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