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Fundraising Update

Posted by Maximum Fun on 24th May 2006

We now have 32 financial subscribers supporting the program on a monthly basis. Their donations total about $150 every single month for the show. We’ve also received several one-time donations.

These donations have paid our hosting costs the past two months. They’ve also paid for the equipment, postage, and most of the materials for the big Maximum Fun Club mailing that went out to everyone who filled out the listener survey late last year. I just ordered some postcards, and I’m working on a new batch of stickers and hopefully, soon, a banner for events. T-Shirts are on the horizon, though how soon they come is slightly dependent on my personal financial stability.

A few folks have asked me why I chose to ask for financial “subscriptions” rather than one-time checks. The reason is this: I’m not a fundraiser. A pro tries to get folks in at the bottom, then ratchet their contributions up every year or so. Because I work full-time, produce the show, host it, edit it, support the website and write the blog, I don’t have time right now to do that. So I offer these subscriptions that renew themselves (you can cancel at any time), and the subscriptions give the show relatively steady income that I can count on when I’m, you know, spending it.

As this income continues to grow, I’ll be using some of it to pay for things that I should have been doing all along, had I not been so (personally) broke. These include attending conventions (both radio and podcasting) to promote the show, the aformentioned shirts, perhaps some events here in the Bay Area or elsewhere, and so on. And, depending on my job situation, pay for me.

So there you have it. If you have any feelings about any of this, please share it, either by email ( or in the comments. If you haven’t donated, but you’d like to, why not do so now?