The Fugazi Live Series

Posted by Maximum Fun on 7th December 2011

Between 1987 and 2003, Fugazi played over 1000 concerts and more than 800 of them were recorded by the band’s sound engineers. Now, for a small fee, you can download many of these recordings for your own library. Adding to the fun for discerning and nostalgic fans, the archive will also list available photos, flyers and miscellaneous show info associated with each performance. Only 130 shows are available now, but they will continue to release more monthly until the archive is complete.

The process is also a collaboration with the band’s fans. They are actively welcoming the contribution of photos, recordings, corrections, and any additional info that may be missing from the record of specific shows.

This is a fascinating way for the band to take control of both its legacy and its body of work. I’m really curious to see what fans think of it.