Fuck Yeah! Fest in LA this Weekend

Posted by Maximum Fun on 24th August 2007

If you hear last week’s JJGo, then you know that Fuck Yeah Fest is in LA this weekend. You can find a full lineup for the festival here, but we’re most excited about the comedy portion. Not only does it include Jonah Ray, last week’s JJGo guest, but it also includes a lot of other TSOYA favorites, like Brent Weinbach and Bob Odenkirk. The show’s at Taix in Echo Park at 8:30, and features:

HOST Blaine Capatch
Matt Braunger
Anthony Jeselnik
Brent Weinbach
Bob Odenkirk
Jonah Ray
Wyatt Cenac
Cracked Out
Matt Dwyer
Fred Belford

Should be a blast.