Fresh Air Rock Historian Ed Ward: National Treasure (for Germany, I guess)

Posted by Maximum Fun on 4th May 2009

If Fresh Air’s rock historian, Ed Ward, didn’t live in Berlin, I’d say he was a national treasure.

His pieces are consistently insightful and full of great music. If NPR’s treatment of baby boomer stuff was always this good, I’d be on board 1000%. I think the greatest sign of the quality of his pieces is how much I enjoy the ones on kinds of music I don’t care for at all. And the ones on music I *do* like are double awesome.

Check out this recent piece on Westbound Records, the Detroit label that spawned Funkadelic, among others.

And of course, anyone who dedicates eight minutes of national radio to the great Swamp Dogg is a national treasure in my book!

PS: Dear NPR web gurus, I presume based on reviews that your API is super cool and all, but can we get an embeddable audio players? Love, Jesse