Fora and Fauna

Posted by Maximum Fun on 30th June 2008

There’s a lot of cool stuff going on right now on the MaxFunFora, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce you to a bit of it in a periodic feature called FORA AND FAUNA!

Lots of MaxFunsters have already shown us what they’ve made. So far they include remarkably life-like Jello fruit (by emily), what appears to be a macrame Charles Darwin (by Yuhm) and an as-yet uncalibrated theramin (by irondavy).

I asked for advice regarding conventions. Might I be hatching a half-baked plan? Of course. I’m always hatching half-baked plans. At this point, it’s fair to say that hatching half-baked plans is my profession.

These football fans are starting a MaxFun Fantasy Football league. These nerdiness fans are discussing the nerdiest moment of their lives.

If you’re travelling to San Francisco or New York, you might want to check out the tips MaxFunsters are sharing.

Over in the Arts & Culture forum, the new Futurama movie is being discussed, as is Wall-E, Pixar’s new animated sequel to Short Circuit. NealAppeal claims that a certain comic will take you from zero to crying in 22 panels.

Of course, you don’t need an account to read the fora, but you should join in the fun!