Don’t fuck this up, Seattle

Posted by Maximum Fun on 5th November 2008

Look: I’m as excited as the next guy about John Hodgman coming to my town. I’m so excited that I’m inviting him over TO MY HOME. And even allowing his feral mountain man sidekick to CO-HOST one of my programs.

But what about you, Seattle?

Are you taking care of business?

Because not only is Hodgman coming to see you, and not only is he bringing his mountain friend, but he’s also bringing Sean Nelson AND John Roderick. That’s TWO indie rock super-celebs, ONE expert on everything, ONE singing feral mountain man, and ONE show that you should not miss.

TICKETS ARE FIVE BUCKS! Are you kidding me?!

A challenge: there were FOUR Sound of Young America shirts in the audience in Chicago, I’m told. Seattle, you can beat that! Do it! It’s in you!